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Success through Research


Anyone who has looked at investing in property in the UK will have noticed a proliferation of ‘investment opportunities’ which includes anything from the exotic (beautiful hotel suites) to the obscure (Graveyard plots!!). In the middle we have seen care homes, storage units and woodland plots all promising annual net returns in excess of 10% and sometimes north of 15%!


At Affordable Homes in the Sun we have focused on carefully selected properties that attract achievable net returns (Averaging 7%) with consistent capital gains which we consider achievable due to the developing company’s record and recent achievements on delivering a first class product.


In most cases these are student properties that are based in central city centres which are of the highest quality.


There is evidence that high quality student accommodation goes hand in hand with individuals wanting an exceptional university experience. Overseas undergraduates in particular are prepared to pay for a '4* hotel experience' to ensure both a successful and cultural experience.

Our previous property sales in this sector have all stood the test of time. In Bristol for example all our apartments are full for the foreseeable future and have already seen a significant level of capital growth. Similarly Exeter, Southampton, Liverpool and Manchester have all sold out and continue to be let at 100% occupancy.


You may have seen student properties advertised with higher returns and lower entry investment costs. Affordable Homes in the Sun suggests you be cautious of extravagant claims. For example. Ask yourself where the property is located? It may be a significant distance from the University it is meant to serve and even further from the city’s cultural hub. Other developers may also offer annual returns upward of 10% in the first 2 years. These sorts of promises are often priced into the original asking price making the income unsustainable over a longer period of time.


Affordable Homes in the Sun has investment opportunities in Newcastle and expects to be offering investment properties in York, Edinburgh and Glasgow over the coming months and years.

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