Affordable Homes in the Sun fully understand the commitment of buying overseas and have many years of experience helping their clients make informed choices.  In fact to date many of our customers have bought homes with us safe in the knowledge that there are no unpleasant surprises awaiting them.


By being thorough with the whole process of buying a property abroad, Affordable Homes in the Sun work in partnership with companies that have unrivalled experience in this field, including your purchase of the right home, transport to your site and a complete end service at your chosen location.


Affordable Homes in the Sun can also assist purchasers with an inclusive finance package and our advisors are always ready to help and assist you should you need a little extra help.

Our partners have long established records in their country which includes in Turkey and Italy 10 year guarantees similar to our own NHBC certificates.  Our members are also affiliated to the Association of International Property Developers, ensuring their commitment to a stronger better international property market.


Everyone at Affordable Homes understand the company’s mission to ensure that their ‘Customer makes the right and informed home choice’.

We do not engage in pressure tactics, as we are confident in the excellence of our homes and quality of our sites (They sell themselves!).  However we are always on hand to answer your questions and ensure a smooth purchase process once you have made the decision to buy your dream home.


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Beautiful Homes in the French Alps

On behalf of the team here we wish you many happy hours and days in the sun!