Lake Passy Park Homes

From €23,950

2 or 3 bedrooms

If you are looking for a ski property but are put off by the high prices throughout the French Alps then these park homes might be the answer


It is a different type of purchase to a classic freehold but does have advantages in that the outlay is considerbaly less than any similar type of Alps property.


To explain the purchase it is important you understand the following:-


  • The buyer purchases the park home and then leases the land it sits on with an annual  renewable lease

  • The buyer pays €3500 per annum rent to cover all the costs associated with the park including electrics etc

  • However this can be negated to zero if you let the owner of Passy ( Village Centre) rent it out for 8 weeks in the high season which is July and August

  • If this is too long you can allow Village Centre to rent it out for a part of the high season in return for a rent reduction

  • Only Village Centre can rent your property in the High season of July and August. You may rent your home from April to July and September

  • Although the Park is open for the Ski season it is only open to owners and family. It is not fully open and a minimal staff structure is in operation during December, January, February and March

  • The Park is closed in October and November under French law


Many people buy these homes because of their love of skiing and Lakes. Skiing is exceptional around Passy and the nearest resort is 10 minutes by car and Chamonix and this area is within ½ an hour. In the past clients have added to their home so as to leave their skiing equipment on site . In another case a couple left their car there all year round


In the Summer it is beautiful and I like to describe it as typical French Family fun. Everything revolves around the lake which has a very active water sport  centre and of course the walking and cycling is sensational. 


Please note that you also receive a Nomad Card if you purchase with Village Center which from personal experience is fantastic. Basically you receive 30 days of holiday with Village Center in over 40 resorts for just 50e per week for 5 years ( outside July and August) This will show you where you can visit within France


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